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Earth-Integrated Architecture

Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Earth-Integrated Artistic Elements

Presented By: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee If one were to research examples of earth-integrated architecture, the result would likely not yield a discernable consistency in style, taste or practicality. Examples range from the sublime artistic use of a single natural feature to the downright weird, cave-like habitation. It is, therefore, less of a style as…

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A Variation on a Theme: An Arizona Prairie Style Home with West Coast Glamour

The design of the custom home, Daybreak, reflects the influences of the shifting tastes in contemporary Arizona. German Robledo’s design echoes the uniquely American prairie style of architecture pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright. The embodied philosophy that “form follows function” has influenced glamorous contemporary designs prevalent in Southern California and more recently in the desert…

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Rustic Southwest Ranch Never Goes Out of Style

As authentically American as the classic Western movie, rustic ranch-style architecture embodies the spirit of the rugged southwest. Even in the most affluent of settings, the simplicity of natural materials and bold lines exudes the strength and confidence of the American spirit. Ranch style house plans are generally simple in detail forgoing excessive ornamentation for…

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Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Pueblo – An Ancient Style Synonymous with the Southwest.

Presented by: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee There is no architectural style more thought of as quintessential to the southwest, particularly New Mexico and Arizona, than Pueblo.  It’s thick, adobe walls and unadorned style have influenced later southwestern styles incorporating local materials, features and methods better suited to the climate. Pueblo architecture is very old and…

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Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Prairie-Inspired American Craftsmanship

Presented By: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee Prairie architectural style developed in the late 19th and early 20th century as a movement of Midwestern American architects to create an indigenous American style reflecting American handcrafting without the design influences of European classical themes. The most notable architect of this style was Frank Lloyd Wright, who worked…

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Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Southwest Modern – Functional & Environmental Driven Design

Presented By: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee Modern architecture started early in the 20th century as a result of technological advances in materials for more functional commercial and industrial structures. It is characterized by simple austere form without applied decoration, and these principals found their way into residential design. Fundamental to modern architecture is the notion that…

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Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Territorial, Reviving a Style from the American West

Present by: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee Of the unique blended architectural styles that evolved early in US history, the territorial home from the west is often overlooked, but it is very well suited for a southwestern ranch themed community such as Eagles Nest in Arizona. Territorial architecture was developed in the Southwestern United States, primarily in…

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Eagles Nest Architecture Series: Spanish Colonial and How it Differs from Its Close Tuscan Cousin

Presented by: Eagles Nest Architectural Committee Of all the architectural styles influencing the southwest ranch theme of the Eagles Nest custom home community in Arizona, Spanish Colonial stands out as the only Mediterranean-influenced style. The two dominant influences of Mediterranean architecture are those of Spain and Italy. The basic design elements of these countries are…

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