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As authentically American as the classic Western movie, rustic ranch-style architecture embodies the spirit of the rugged southwest. Even in the most affluent of settings, the simplicity of natural materials and bold lines exudes the strength and confidence of the American spirit.

Ranch style house plans are generally simple in detail forgoing excessive ornamentation for functionality. Pitched gable roofs top building masses that are generally rectilinear and seldom use curved walls or round “turret” style features. Designs typically reflect the terrain in which they are built, so in recent years, the many variations of a rustic style of ranch architecture has found its way back into affluent areas of the rugged southwest U.S. in resorts and unpretentious custom residential communities.

Eagles Nest in Fountain Hills, Arizona, echoes the American spirit of hard work and “can do” achievement with the unrefined elegance of luxury ranch-style architecture. The design theme of the community follows this notion and several excellent examples of variations on this theme can be found in the homes.

Rustic Southwest-Style Home

Rustic Southwest-Style Home

This custom home is a rustic, yet elegant, southwestern ranch-style residence with its stone and rough-hewn timbers beautifully integrated high into the natural environment offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The home’s geometry, elegant finishes and natural materials including rusticated roof accents fits with the natural serenity of the community embracing elements of historical frontier structures that pioneered the southwest. This home in Eagles Nest is an excellent example of today’s rustic ranch-style architecture in the affluent southwest.