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The design of the custom home, Daybreak, reflects the influences of the shifting tastes in contemporary Arizona. German Robledo’s design echoes the uniquely American prairie style of architecture pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright. The embodied philosophy that “form follows function” has influenced glamorous contemporary designs prevalent in Southern California and more recently in the desert southwest.

Prairie style homes are simplistic in their strong, rectilinear design emphasizing a horizontal plane. Boxed shapes at varying heights and depths give the home a unique form. An obvious characteristic of Prairie style house plans are the shallow-pitched hip roofs with large overhanging eaves protecting the home’s interior from direct sunlight. Large windows, however, provide plenty of daylight for a comfortable open plan interior.

Daybreak is in the Eagles Nest custom home community in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It is cut thoughtfully into the hillside following the natural contour of the ridgeline. The design compliments the ranch theme of the community blending unpretentious mid-western simplicity and progressive west coast glamour leading style in contemporary Arizona. The blend has a distinctive Arizona feel and a timeless personality. Please share your impressions.

Prairie-Style Home Exterior
Prairie-Style Auto Court